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Hey, I’m Kit.

I am a multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, producer, and music teacher. I have toured around the world, taught thousands of lessons, produced hundreds of tracks, self-released an album and EP, and written hundreds of songs.

As a teacher, I want to share my knowledge with as many people as possible. I created this site as part of that desire.

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Fender American Strat in case with narrow tall frets

Understanding Your Strings: A Guide to Guitar Frets and Accessories

Every element of a guitar, from the type of wood used in the body to the gauge of the strings, contributes to the instrument’s unique sound and playability.  Among these, frets and various accessories like FretWraps hold a special significance, as they directly influence the precision of the notes we play and the clarity of … Read more
Fender telecaster and Baby Taylor

Understanding Your Strings: How Many Frets Are on a Guitar?

When picking up a guitar for the first time, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by its various components and features. One of the key elements that often pique the curiosity of beginners and seasoned musicians alike is the number of frets a guitar has.  Frets, the metal strips embedded along the guitar’s neck, play an … Read more
Behringer CS400 and Boss CS3 Compressor Sustain Pedals

Understanding The Magic Of Compression Sustainer Pedals

For many guitarists, the pursuit of the perfect tone is a lifelong journey. Amid a myriad of gear choices, one tool stands out for its ability to shape and refine your sound: the compression sustainer pedal.  What does a compression sustainer pedal do? A compression sustainer pedal reduces the dynamic range of a guitar’s sound, … Read more
Sustainiac on Ibanez

The Art of Sustain: An In-Depth Look at Guitar Sustainers

In the realm of electric guitars, the pursuit of the perfect tone and sound manipulation has led to a variety of innovations. One such innovation that has captivated players for its ability to elevate the expressiveness and versatility of the guitar is the guitar sustainer.  What is a guitar sustainer? A guitar sustainer is a … Read more
Fender American Vintage II 1972 Telecaster Thinline Semi-Hollow body

Understanding The Thinline Guitar: From Acoustic To Telecaster

In the broad universe of guitars, the Thinline holds a distinctive place.  Characterized by their reduced body depth, Thinline guitars offer a unique blend of comfort, lightweight design, and tonal characteristics that set them apart from their full-bodied counterparts.  What is a thinline guitar? A thinline guitar is a type of guitar, either electric or … Read more
Gibson Pick Guard

The Role And Importance Of Pickguards On Stringed Instruments

Pickguards, often seen adorning the bodies of guitars, basses, and other stringed instruments, are more than just decorative accessories. These components serve a range of functions, from protecting the instrument from potential damage to housing vital electronic components.  But are they really necessary? Do they affect the sound produced by the instrument? What is the … Read more
Squier Bullet Strat HT - Brown Sunburst - Hardtail Bridge

Hardtail vs Tremolo Bridges: A Detailed Comparison for Guitarists

Choosing the right bridge for your guitar is not just about aesthetics or tradition; it’s about finding the hardware that fits your playing style and musical goals.  Among the various choices available, hardtail and tremolo bridges stand out as two of the most common and debated options.  What is a hardtail guitar bridge? A hardtail … Read more
Floyd Rose Bridge

Mastering the Art of the Floating Bridge: An Exploration of Types and Techniques

In the vast world of guitars, one intriguing and versatile element that contributes to a guitarist’s tone and style is the bridge.  Of the numerous bridge designs available, the floating bridge stands out for its unique ability to enable pitch manipulation, enriching the musician’s sonic palette with the capacity for dramatic vibrato and pitch-bending effects.  … Read more
Fender Strat and Acoustic Bridges

The Role and Importance of the Guitar Saddle

The guitar, a favorite instrument for many music enthusiasts, has a complex structure that contributes to its rich sound and playability. Each component, from the body to the smallest screw, has its purpose and role in creating the instrument’s overall sound.  One component that plays a crucial but often overlooked role is the guitar saddle. … Read more
Various Types of Bridges

The Impact of the Guitar Bridge: Types, Function, and Influence on Sound

From the casual observer’s point of view, a guitar may seem like a relatively simple instrument.  However, every guitarist knows that each component plays a vital role in shaping the sound, playability, and overall functionality of the instrument.  One such essential part is the guitar bridge, a seemingly inconspicuous piece of hardware that holds a … Read more