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Hey, I’m Kit.

I am a multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, producer, and music teacher. I have toured around the world, taught thousands of lessons, produced hundreds of tracks, self-released an album and EP, and written hundreds of songs.

As a teacher, I want to share my knowledge with as many people as possible. I created this site as part of that desire.

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Tube Microphone Preamps

Do I Need A Preamp For Studio Monitors? (Figure It Out Here)

As you start to dive into the world of audio equipment, whether for recording, broadcasting, or just high-quality listening, you’ll come across a range of equipment with different roles and specifications. One such piece of equipment is the preamplifier, commonly referred to as a preamp.  Let’s start by answering “Do I need a preamp for … Read more
Powered Monitors Rear

Understanding Powered Monitors: What Is an Active Monitor?

In the vast world of audio equipment, terminology can often become a tangled web of similar sounding phrases and overlapping definitions.  Among these, the terms “powered speakers,” “active monitors,” and any other combination of those words often come up, sometimes interchangeably, leading to a fair bit of confusion.  Let’s start off by answering the question … Read more
Analog and Digital Mixers

Analog vs Digital Mixers: Choosing the Right Mixer for Your Needs

In the realm of audio engineering, mixers are indispensable tools, vital for shaping and balancing the sound in both studio and live environments. With technology’s evolution, today’s market offers a wide array of both analog and digital mixers, each boasting its unique features and advantages.  What is the difference between an analog mixer and a … Read more
XVive Wireless Guitar System

Can Guitars Be Wireless? How And Why Use A Wireless Guitar System

The question of whether guitars can be wireless has become increasingly relevant as more performers seek to unshackle themselves from the constraints of traditional cabling.  In this article, we will explore the principles behind wireless guitar systems, their key components, and how they have revolutionized the way guitarists perform.  From the ease of movement to … Read more
XLR 3 and 5 pin connectors

Are XLR Cables Mono Or Stereo? A Guide To 3-Pin And 5-Pin Applications

The world of professional audio equipment relies heavily on various connectors to ensure high-quality signal transmission and minimal interference. Among the numerous connector types, XLR connectors have become the industry standard for balanced audio signals.  While the 3-pin XLR connector is the most common variant, used primarily for mono audio signals, the lesser-known 5-pin XLR … Read more
Speaker and Instrument Cables

Speaker Cable Vs. Instrument Cable: What’s The Difference? (It’s Important!)

The world of audio cables can be a complex landscape, with various types designed to serve different and specific functions in an audio system. Among these cables, instrument cables and speaker cables play crucial roles in transmitting signals and connecting different components.  What’s the difference between a speaker cable and an instrument cable? Speaker cables … Read more
XLR to USB adapters

Can You Connect an XLR Mic To USB? (Yes! Here is How)

The world of audio recording has evolved significantly with the advancement of digital technology, creating new opportunities for musicians, podcasters, and content creators to capture high-quality sound with greater ease and affordability.  One aspect of this evolution is the ability to convert XLR microphone connections to USB, enabling seamless integration with a wide range of … Read more
Guitar Glove

10 Reasons Why Guitarists and Bass Players Wear Gloves

Gloves in the world of guitar and bass playing can be a topic of debate. While it is relatively uncommon for guitarists and bassists to wear gloves, there are various reasons why some musicians choose to wear them. Each musician’s needs and preferences are unique.  It is necessary to weigh the benefits and drawbacks of … Read more
Decibel Meters

How Can I Measure Decibels? Can Your Phone Measure Decibels? (Fine Out Here!)

In today’s fast-paced and technology-driven world, sound pollution has become an increasing concern, affecting the well-being and quality of life of many individuals. Understanding and measuring noise levels is a step in the right direction for addressing this issue, as it allows us to identify potential hazards and implement effective noise reduction strategies. In this … Read more
Headphone and Resistors

Headphone Impedance & Ohms (Transform Your Listening Experience!)

Headphones have become an essential accessory in our daily lives, accompanying us through various activities, from commuting to work, exercising, or immersing ourselves in our favorite music or podcasts. With countless models and designs available in the market, understanding the technical aspects of headphones is helpful in making an informed decision. One key specification that … Read more