Harmonizing Your Tones: A Guide to Guitar Pickup Selector Switches

Fender Stratocaster 5-Way Pickup Selector Switch

In the fascinating world of electric guitars, the pickup selector switch is a pivotal component that often gets overlooked. This tool gives musicians the ability to manipulate and refine their sound by controlling which pickups are active, thereby providing a spectrum of tonal possibilities, especially when combined with the tone controls. What does the pickup … Read more

Exploring the Multiscale Guitar: The Intersection of Innovation and Tradition

Ormsby Multiscale Guitar Model Hype GTR Elite II

In the vast world of guitar design, few innovations have generated as much discussion and intrigue as the multiscale guitar, also known as the fanned-fret guitar.  Combining tradition with innovation, this unique design has introduced a new perspective on how we approach the construction and playability of guitars.  What is a multi-scale guitar? A multi-scale … Read more

The Role And Importance Of Pickguards On Stringed Instruments

Gibson Pick Guard

Pickguards, often seen adorning the bodies of guitars, basses, and other stringed instruments, are more than just decorative accessories. These components serve a range of functions, from protecting the instrument from potential damage to housing vital electronic components.  But are they really necessary? Do they affect the sound produced by the instrument? What is the … Read more