What Is a SpeakON Connector Used For?

SpeakOn Plug

If you’re not familiar with the audio equipment world, you may not be familiar with speakON connectors. But, if you are in the market for some new audio gear or just curious about what they are, read on. SpeakON connectors are a type of connector typically used in pro audio applications, and they are most … Read more

Are Speakon and XLR the Same?

SpeakOn and XLR Plugs

Speakon and XLR are two of the most common types of audio cable connectors. Have you ever wondered whether they’re the same or are there any differences? Speakon and XLR connectors are not the same, although both are used to carry audio signals. XLR accepts cables that carry a max of 15-amps and are typically … Read more

Can You Use Your Phone as a Guitar Amp? Yes! Here’s How To Play Through Your Phone or Tablet

Guitar connected to phone with iRig

You just bought a guitar but couldn’t afford an amplifier, or you live in an apartment, and your neighbors don’t want to hear you shredding at 2 in the morning.  Sure, you could plug your guitar into headphones, but you wouldn’t be able to hear anything. Plus, where are the effects? So what about a … Read more