Why Do Drummers Use Rugs? What Does a Drum Rug Do?

Drum Rug

Drum sets are loud, fun, and essential to any band. But, if you’ve ever played, or if you’re just learning, you’ll know that without something underneath, certain pieces can shift as you play. Of course, that’s the last thing you need if you’re in the middle of a show, but can a drum rug really … Read more

What Is the Difference Between a Junior Drum Set and a Normal One?

Drums Silhouette

Playing drums can be an excellent activity for children and adults alike. The instrument teaches physical discipline, rhythmic fundamentals, and perseverance. Practicing regularly can be a good way to get some cardio in, as well. A junior drum set is scaled down in size, allowing smaller children to play them properly. Compared to a standard … Read more

What Does Putting a Pillow In a Kick Drum Do?

Bass Drum Pillow

Whether you’re new to drumming or have experience, you’ve probably heard of drummers putting pillows in their kick drums. From the outside, this probably seems odd, but putting a pillow in your kick drum can have a powerful influence on the sound.  Putting a pillow in a kick drum muffles the resounding boom created by … Read more

What Does Putting Tape on Drums Do?

Snare Drum with Tape

If you’ve ever seen a drum set covered in tape, you may be wondering why someone would decide to do that. The process of putting tape on drums is called ‘dampening,’ and it has different effects depending on the drum and where the tape is placed. It is also referred to as ‘muting,’ ‘muffling,’ ‘damping,’ … Read more