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Classify Sound serves as a comprehensive online resource for all things related to musicianship and music in general. Whether you’re an audio professional, a musician, an audiophile, or just seeking knowledge on the topic, we have got you covered.

This site was founded after I ended my touring career and opened my own studio, Topper Most Studios.

With over two decades of experience in recording music both in my home studio and professional studios, and nearly three decades of being a musician, I’ve gained valuable knowledge that I want to share with others.

Through countless hours of research and experimentation, I’ve accumulated a wealth of knowledge on various methods, techniques, and tips for music production. Not to mention the years I spent as a touring musician.

Classify Sound serves as a hub for all that information, presented in a straightforward and accessible manner to assist even novice musicians in composing and producing music from the comfort of their own homes.

If you have any questions or topics you would like to see discussed, feel free to email us at contact@classifysound.com.