Understanding Powered Monitors: What Is an Active Monitor?

Powered Monitors Rear

In the vast world of audio equipment, terminology can often become a tangled web of similar sounding phrases and overlapping definitions.  Among these, the terms “powered speakers,” “active monitors,” and any other combination of those words often come up, sometimes interchangeably, leading to a fair bit of confusion.  Let’s start off by answering the question … Read more

What Studio Monitors (Reference Speakers) Do Professional Recording Studios Use? The Most Famous Studios Use These!


Studios use reference speakers to monitor and listen to audio played through them. Reference speakers must give a true sound representation, offer high accuracy and clarity, and be effective with any type of music or sound that they play. Professional Studios will usually have a set of Main Monitors and then a couple of sets … Read more

Can You Use Studio Monitors as Computer Speakers? Can They Connect To A Computer?

Studio Monitor and Laptop

Computer speakers are often a person’s first introduction to stereo sound systems. If you have a computer, the chances are that the only real audio system you have is your built-in computer speakers or external speakers connected to your computer. Maybe you have a pair of studio monitors sitting around that you never use? Are … Read more

Can Studio Monitors Be Used As Speakers? Are They Good For Listening To Music?

Studio Woman Headphones

Studio monitors are designed for use in a studio setting, where they can provide an accurate reproduction of the sound being recorded. However, this does not mean that they cannot be used as speakers for listening to music. Can studio monitors be used as regular speakers? Studio monitors can be used as regular speakers. In … Read more

A Guide on How to Choose Studio Monitors


It is essential to ensure that you get the right studio monitors for your budget. You might be asking yourself; Two‑way or three‑way? Active or passive? How many watts?  How do I choose the best studio monitors for me? When choosing studio monitors, you must consider the size of the room and location of the … Read more