Mastering Audio For Live Streaming: What Does A Mixer Do For Streaming?

Yamaha MG06 Analog Mixer

Live streaming has taken the world by storm, becoming an increasingly popular medium for gamers, musicians, educators, and many others. Yet, delivering a high-quality stream involves more than just a good camera and a stable internet connection. One often overlooked aspect is the audio.  The difference between amateur and professional-sounding audio can greatly impact the … Read more

What Does Gain Mean On An Audio Interface? How High Should The Gain Be?

Focusrite Scarlett Gen2 2i4 and Gen3 4i4

Whether you’re a seasoned music producer, a budding podcaster, or simply stepping into the world of home recording, understanding the intricacies of an audio interface is crucial to achieving the sound quality you desire.  One of the fundamental controls on any interface is the ‘gain,’ a term that might seem technical and elusive to newcomers. … Read more

Harnessing the Power of Hardware with Ableton Live 

Ableton Output Config

In the landscape of digital music production, Ableton Live has emerged as a powerhouse software, popular for its intuitive design and flexible workflow. However, its capabilities are not confined to the digital realm.  By integrating hardware such as MIDI controllers, audio interfaces, and even external synthesizers, you can truly tap into the potential of this … Read more

Understanding Powered Monitors: What Is an Active Monitor?

Powered Monitors Rear

In the vast world of audio equipment, terminology can often become a tangled web of similar sounding phrases and overlapping definitions.  Among these, the terms “powered speakers,” “active monitors,” and any other combination of those words often come up, sometimes interchangeably, leading to a fair bit of confusion.  Let’s start off by answering the question … Read more

Analog vs Digital Mixers: Choosing the Right Mixer for Your Needs

Analog and Digital Mixers

In the realm of audio engineering, mixers are indispensable tools, vital for shaping and balancing the sound in both studio and live environments. With technology’s evolution, today’s market offers a wide array of both analog and digital mixers, each boasting its unique features and advantages.  What is the difference between an analog mixer and a … Read more