Can Studio Monitors Be Used As Speakers? Are They Good For Listening To Music?

Studio Woman Headphones

Studio monitors are designed for use in a studio setting, where they can provide an accurate reproduction of the sound being recorded. However, this does not mean that they cannot be used as speakers for listening to music. Can studio monitors be used as regular speakers? Studio monitors can be used as regular speakers. In … Read more

Can You Use Your Phone as a Guitar Amp? Yes! Here’s How To Play Through Your Phone or Tablet

Guitar connected to phone with iRig

You just bought a guitar but couldn’t afford an amplifier, or you live in an apartment, and your neighbors don’t want to hear you shredding at 2 in the morning.  Sure, you could plug your guitar into headphones, but you wouldn’t be able to hear anything. Plus, where are the effects? So what about a … Read more

Does Playing Piano Count as Exercise?

Piano Player Wiping Sweat

Fitness trackers have become an ubiquitous part of the modern world. Watches, phones,  and chest straps are all keeping track of heart rate fluctuations and steps to keep ourselves in shape. While we know running and lifting weights are good forms of exercise, what about playing the piano? The definition of exercise is activity requiring … Read more

Can You Learn To Play By Ear?

musician ear

Music can be defined as “organized sound.” If a musician can learn to hear the organization, they can replicate it without the use of any written cues at all. We will explore how to hear that organization in this article. In order for a musician to play by ear, they must be able to identify … Read more