Piano Notes: How to Find and Read Notes (Piano Note Chart Included!)

Piano Notes on Keys

The piano is a versatile instrument with a wide range of notes. A modern 88-key standard piano or a 108-key extended piano is tuned in a twelve-tone equal temperament. Every octave consists of twelve steps, known as semitones. Learn about musical intervals here. A specific formula determines the frequency of each key. The 49th key, … Read more

Harmonizing Your Tones: A Guide to Guitar Pickup Selector Switches

Fender Stratocaster 5-Way Pickup Selector Switch

In the fascinating world of electric guitars, the pickup selector switch is a pivotal component that often gets overlooked. This tool gives musicians the ability to manipulate and refine their sound by controlling which pickups are active, thereby providing a spectrum of tonal possibilities, especially when combined with the tone controls. What does the pickup … Read more

Pianist Hands Vs Normal Hands: What Are Piano Hands?

Piano Playing Arched Fingers

The piano, with its vast array of keys, is a canvas for musicians to paint aural landscapes, and their brushes are their hands. The hands of a pianist are fascinating instruments in their own right, capable of creating beautiful harmonies and intricate melodies. Yet, they are often overlooked in favor of the music they produce.  … Read more

Playing Piano with Both Hands: Techniques for Success

Piano Playing Light Up Keys

Mastering the piano is a journey of beautiful discovery that can span a lifetime. One of the enchanting yet challenging aspects of this journey is learning to play harmoniously with both hands.  How do you get better at playing piano with both hands? Improving your ability to play the piano with both hands requires consistent, … Read more

Exploring the Multiscale Guitar: The Intersection of Innovation and Tradition

Ormsby Multiscale Guitar Model Hype GTR Elite II

In the vast world of guitar design, few innovations have generated as much discussion and intrigue as the multiscale guitar, also known as the fanned-fret guitar.  Combining tradition with innovation, this unique design has introduced a new perspective on how we approach the construction and playability of guitars.  What is a multi-scale guitar? A multi-scale … Read more