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Hey, I’m Kit.

I am a multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, producer, and music teacher. I have toured around the world, taught thousands of lessons, produced hundreds of tracks, self-released an album and EP, and written hundreds of songs.

As a teacher, I want to share my knowledge with as many people as possible. I created this site as part of that desire.

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USB Microphones Blue Yeti Shure MV7 computer in background

USB Microphones 101: A Comprehensive Overview

Microphones are an essential component of many audio recording and production setups. They allow us to capture sound and convert it into an electrical signal that can be processed, amplified, and recorded. One popular type of microphone is the USB microphone.  They are convenient to use because they do not require any additional equipment or … Read more
DeEsser Guide Featured Image

The Ultimate Guide to De-Essers: Eliminate Annoying Sibilant Sounds

Sibilant sounds, or esses, are a common problem in audio recordings and can often be difficult to eliminate or reduce without specialized processing. These harsh, high-frequency sounds are produced by certain consonant sounds such as “s,” “sh,” “x,” and “f” and are often present in raw vocal recordings.  To address this issue, audio engineers and … Read more
Ableton Loudness Normalization Prompt over Sound Wave

Elevate Your Sound: A Beginner’s Guide to Audio Normalization

Normalization is an essential process in the world of audio that is used to ensure that audio is played at a consistent volume across different playback systems and devices. By adjusting the overall volume of the audio signal to a specific level, normalization helps to eliminate distractions and background noise, and it can help make … Read more

What Studio Monitors (Reference Speakers) Do Professional Recording Studios Use? The Most Famous Studios Use These!

Studios use reference speakers to monitor and listen to audio played through them. Reference speakers must give a true sound representation, offer high accuracy and clarity, and be effective with any type of music or sound that they play. Professional Studios will usually have a set of Main Monitors and then a couple of sets … Read more
Studio Monitor and Laptop

Can You Use Studio Monitors as Computer Speakers? Can They Connect To A Computer?

Computer speakers are often a person’s first introduction to stereo sound systems. If you have a computer, the chances are that the only real audio system you have is your built-in computer speakers or external speakers connected to your computer. Maybe you have a pair of studio monitors sitting around that you never use? Are … Read more
Vacuum Tubes In Amp

Do Tube Amps Need To Warm Up? Why Do Amplifiers Need To Warm Up?

Tube amps are a type of amplifier that uses vacuum tubes to amplify sound. They are often considered to have a warmer, more natural sound than other types of amplifiers, but they also require a longer warm-up time before they are ready to use. Do tube amps need to warm up?  Tube amps generally need … Read more
SpeakOn Plug

What Is a SpeakON Connector Used For?

If you’re not familiar with the audio equipment world, you may not be familiar with speakON connectors. But, if you are in the market for some new audio gear or just curious about what they are, read on. SpeakON connectors are a type of connector typically used in pro audio applications, and they are most … Read more
SpeakOn and XLR Plugs

Are Speakon and XLR the Same?

Speakon and XLR are two of the most common types of audio cable connectors. Have you ever wondered whether they’re the same or are there any differences? Speakon and XLR connectors are not the same, although both are used to carry audio signals. XLR accepts cables that carry a max of 15-amps and are typically … Read more
Fishman Acoustic Guitar Pickup

Can You Put A Pickup On An Acoustic Guitar?

If you’ve heard an unplugged electric guitar before, you probably know just how quiet they are. You can barely hear them. Fortunately, they have pickups, which convert the barely audible sound to an electric current, and that signal is later amplified. We know that electric guitars have pickups, but can you use a pickup on … Read more
Ebow Electric Guitar

What Is a Guitar EBow?

Have you ever wondered how some guitar players seem to have infinite sustain at their disposal? Guitar EBow might be the answer to this question. What is an EBow, you ask? An EBow is a hand-held, battery-powered electronic device that uses a feedback loop to create a magnetic field, causing a single string to vibrate … Read more