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Hey, I’m Kit.

I am a multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, producer, and music teacher. I have toured around the world, taught thousands of lessons, produced hundreds of tracks, self-released an album and EP, and written hundreds of songs.

As a teacher, I want to share my knowledge with as many people as possible. I created this site as part of that desire.

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Bass Drum Pillow

What Does Putting a Pillow In a Kick Drum Do?

Whether you’re new to drumming or have experience, you’ve probably heard of drummers putting pillows in their kick drums. From the outside, this probably seems odd, but putting a pillow in your kick drum can have a powerful influence on the sound.  Putting a pillow in a kick drum muffles the resounding boom created by … Read more
Snare Drum with Tape

What Does Putting Tape on Drums Do?

If you’ve ever seen a drum set covered in tape, you may be wondering why someone would decide to do that. The process of putting tape on drums is called ‘dampening,’ and it has different effects depending on the drum and where the tape is placed. It is also referred to as ‘muting,’ ‘muffling,’ ‘damping,’ … Read more
Bass Drum Parts

Drum Anatomy: Parts of the Bass Drum & Drum Pedal

The drum set is composed of many parts, such as the bass drum, snare drum, tom-tom, floor tom, and various cymbals. Bass drums and kick pedals are two crucial parts of a drum set, and you will hardly find a drumset without them. A bass drum is used to provide the “bottom” or low-pitched sound … Read more
Studio Monitors

What Does a Studio Monitor Do? Are Studio Monitors Necessary?

In a recording studio, quality speakers are by no means an option – they’re essential to achieving the perfect mix. But what makes them so different from regular speakers or even high-fidelity speakers? What does a studio monitor do differently from those in your living room? What does a studio monitor do? Studio monitors are … Read more

A Guide on How to Choose Studio Monitors

It is essential to ensure that you get the right studio monitors for your budget. You might be asking yourself; Two‑way or three‑way? Active or passive? How many watts?  How do I choose the best studio monitors for me? When choosing studio monitors, you must consider the size of the room and location of the … Read more
Boss TU-3 Tuner

Types of Guitar Tuners: What kind of guitar tuners are there? How does a tuner work?

Guitar tuners are a crucial part of any guitar player’s arsenal, and they’re the one guitar accessory that every guitar player needs. These days, there are many types of guitar tuners available to choose from, but which one is right for you? First, let’s take a look at what all the options are: Handheld Clip-On … Read more
Turning Guitar Tuning Peg

How to Tune a Guitar (Electric or Acoustic)

Tuning is a necessary skill to master as a guitar player, and it takes time to perfect. Beginners should purchase a guitar tuner so they can make the instrument sound as wonderful as possible, both for themselves and any other person who has to listen to them practice! Whatever tuner you use, you’ll be using … Read more
True Bypasss vs Buffered pedal

True Bypass Pedals Vs. Buffered Bypass Pedals: What’s the difference?

Although no one wants to have tone suck coming from their pedalboard, no one seems to know how to prevent it. In my opinion, that’s because people don’t really understand the different types of bypass. It all depends on your specific situation, so what works well in one scenario may not perform well in another. … Read more
Various Microphones

What’s The Difference Between Dynamic And Condenser Microphones?

A microphone transforms sound waves like those created by a human voice singing or an acoustic guitar into an analog AC signal. In the world of microphones, there are two main categories: dynamic and condenser. So, what’s the difference between dynamic and condenser microphones? A dynamic microphone converts sound into an electrical signal using an … Read more
Fender Princeton Reverb Amp

What Is A Combo Amplifier And What Does It Do?

Guitar amps are a crucial part of any band’s sound. It is the way that you control how your guitar sounds coming out of the speakers. There are many different types of amplifiers and speakers. This article focuses on a topic that combines the two: Combo Amps. So, what is a combo amp? A combo … Read more