What’s The Difference Between Dynamic And Condenser Microphones?

Various Microphones

A microphone transforms sound waves like those created by a human voice singing or an acoustic guitar into an analog AC signal. In the world of microphones, there are two main categories: dynamic and condenser. So, what’s the difference between dynamic and condenser microphones? A dynamic microphone converts sound into an electrical signal using an … Read more

What do the knobs do on electric guitar?

Gibson Les Paul and Fender Strat Control Knobs

As a guitarist, I’m not proud to admit that it took me quite a few years to figure out how to use my guitar knobs. The circuitry on a Guitar may be used for many purposes, and understanding what they are is critical to developing your sound. There are generally two functions for the knobs … Read more

How to Clean an Acoustic Guitar Fretboard

Acoustic Guitar no strings with oil

It’s always exciting to get an acoustic guitar and even more exciting when you’re a new player and get your first acoustic guitar. However, beginners will often forget some basic care and maintenance of their new instrument. For those that do remember, one of the most important things to take care of while cleaning and … Read more